Ever Mainard





Todd and musical helper Chris Condran interview comedienne Ever Mainard at TBS Just for Laughs Chicago.

Very fun to be on the Todd Glass Show




Ain’t nobody got time for that! I love that video. Have you seen it? So good. That woman is a genius. How did she think of that? The character work is amazing. Just super good, so natural!

 Its raining outside and man am I bummed. I mean, I can’t even go outside comfortably and work outside on my balcony! I get all my best work done outside and when is this spring going to feel like spring?!

We know damn well I could be doing the same work inside as I could outside. The base of my work seems to be constantly refreshing my facebook feed and scrolling around. Not for anything useful, mainly just to loaf about. Instead of being a kid loitering on the street I have become an adult loitering on the internet reading the same shit and getting pissed that I’m reading instead of being on my balcony and working. God I wish I was working outside!

What am I working on? Shit if I know. I just know I have a shit ton of work to be done and my day job keeps getting in the way and this shit is piling up. Hell, its not like I can continuously check my Facebook at work in the bathroom or in the backroom or hiding my phone under the espresso machine and and doing whatever the fuck I want when my manager isn’t looking. But man, work just keeps piling up! I just have so many webseries to write and podcasts to talk into! How will I get it all done! All of these projects!

Right now my project is flipping between my tabs and checking facebook and twitter. STILL NOT FAMOUS! Also, I have Twin Peeks on T.V. The Twin Peeks project is going to take a lot of time. Man, looks like I’m not going to make it to the gym before I go see that play my friend is in. Ugh, whatever, I wish my girlfriend was here! Then I could be distracted by facebook, twitter, making out, and then checking my instagram.

This work is NEVER going to get done! How will I watch all of these youtube videos if I don’t even have the time to review my OWN videos. I mean, how will I ever grow if I don’t review my old sets? You know?

Still no e-mail telling me I’m famous. OHMYGOD there is a woman on Twin Peeks that just carries around a log and she is crazy!

If I were on my balcony working in the sun I know I would get all my work done. I mean no distractions, except for my internet connection and the shit going on in the street and how much stuff I need to do before work and how I really should be going to Target and AND THAT ONE CHICK IS IN THAT FBI MAN’S BED!


What I did today 1-24-13


Today I chilled out with some DayQuil capsules and a bubble bath. Jealous? It gets better, it was mint soap and my girlfriend made me breakfast. Still mad? Guess what, she also brought me some cake! Boom! Need more? I’m still in my pajamas watching the Kroll Show- its one fifteen pm! Why you mad, Bro? Also Living Social and Groupon are blowing up my inbox like they can’t get enough! I love seeing those deals, y’all! Plus no matter how many times I unsubscribe they still send me e-mails!  Now that’s whats up! Its like I can’t get away! Even with this mild fever and stuffed up nose, they are still trying to get at me! 

In the meantime I played Cat-Bounce. You haven’t played? You have to to get to CAT-BOUNCE.com! You just bounce cats! That’s it! Plus you can make it rain!

Its like, I’m 26, what up! I do comedy and work at a coffee shop- I also found a picture of a cat in a monogram and top hat. Its like, why bother even going to Junior College?  I could have taught myself all this stuff and I still don’t even use algorithms. Unless you’re talking about a fancy intellectual way to figure out jokes in which case, I STILL DON’T.  

Anyways, I figure that I still have a tumblr and should use it. This site is just for fun. If you want to check out shows and stuff- visit evermainard.com 


Lisa Laureta is to legit. »

Lisa Laureta is taking comedians with a heart to a new level!! She is running the Chicago Marathon and raising money to help pay for the medical bills of Mary Mainard.

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